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    Bitcoin Cloud mining review

    It's been a huge debate for people who are exposed to bitcoin mining about its profitability. Some people would say that it's profitable while some would say that it's not. Yet, experts in bitcoin mining say that it’s really profitable. Here are the reasons why? has various tutorials related to cloud mining.

    Affordable plans

    Many services offer affordable plans that can cost from below $20 to more than $1600. The rate depends on GH/s. Some companies offer lifetime plans, which allow you to retain your hash power until the plan you sign up becomes unprofitable.

    The lifetime plan is a wise decision if you’re already into mining for quite sometime. If you’re shifting from the traditional mining to cloud mining, you’ll see the convenience that cloud mining provides.


    Most companies require you to pay using PayPal and credit cards. It's actually a good sign of a legitimate cloud mining service. In many cases, companies that require bitcoins as payment are illegal. They are known for scamming people and you might encounter such service. You need to be wary about it. If you plan to test the waters, choose the cheapest plan.


    If convenience is your main reason for shifting from traditional mining to cloud mining, you’re on the right track. It’s a lot expensive to own an equipment plus the cooling machines you need to use in mining.

    On the other hand, bitcoin cloud mining is different. You’ll only lease other provider’s equipment and other services require in mining. It’s convenient for you because you only need to wait for the profit time.

    If you’re thinking about the maintenance fee, you’ll be charged for it when you subscribe to a plan. However, you’ll save more compared to doing it on your own. Whether you’re a beginner or you’re a professional miner, you’ll fiind that nothing beats cloud mining.

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